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The world is ours. The products are exported to morethan 30 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Asia,andAfrica.The products had settled in Wal-Mart Sam, KMART. COSTCO. TARGET CAREFOURand other shopping malls.


Technology leads to quality

The company has applied 85 patents, and 70 patens  has been authorized. And the company hasapplied for a number of  internationalpatents through the PCT.


Trash can cecertificates      US patents     Japanese patent
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If you buy any garbage canin our shop, you can enjoy the service of 7 days no reason to return. withoutany explanation, you can return or change the products. So you can really enjoy the risk-freeshopping!

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parameter  product parameters:

The five advantagesof classic induction sensor garbage can

1. Automatic sensor switch, 5 seconds automatically shut down.

When users close to the induction zone, the lid will openautomatically. After 5 seconds the users throw the junk, the lid closesautomatically. This is clean and sanitary,the users use it without touching thetrash, which can avoid the bacterial infection.


2. The fully enclosed design and anti-mildew odor-proof.

Fully enclosed irrigation design makes the solid garbage secret hidden, which enhance environmental comfort. Isolated odordistribution barrels, comprehensive protection of family safety and health.


3.430 high-quality stainless steel, anti-fingerprint, anti-corrosion.

The products use the technology of stainless steel glazing ,waterproof, antirust and anti-fingerprint, which can protech the surface ofproduct.


4.The use ofGerman hydraulic technology and ultra-quiet slow down.

 Use the German hydraulicdamping technology which makes the lid slowly closed withtout noise.


5. Waterproof design at the bottom. Thickeneddesigned non-slip, waterproof, scratch-proof.




Answers to common fault

1.        Why isthere no induction?

Run out ofbattery.Press the long time open lid button and then close the lid with thehand. The power switch is bad. The circuit is damaged.


2.        What to dowhen the lid is uanable to open?

Threre are two situations. If the indicator lightis working, it tends to be mechanical failure. Ifthe indicator lightis not operating properly,it tends to be electronic failure.You can see the common trash troubleshooting table.


3.        Why doesthe lid can not shut down?

There is something in front of the inductionzone. Or the induction zone has been badly scratched.


4.        No obstructionin front of he induction zone, but the lid often open automatically.


When the sensor window has accumulated dust, itwill increase the critical sensing distance. when the sensitivity increasesafter the increase of sensing distance, the lid may be automatically open.what’s worse the lid cannot shut down sometimes. So keep the induction windowclean, and  avoid scratching.

5.New products, but the battery cover cannot open.

It is mainly refers to the DZT-42-1 series. Theyare the early products, now we have improved the problem.But the DZT-42-1Tbattery cover is indeed more difficult to open. There is ahand press sign in the battery cover. You need to press  down and then pull out.



The Common Trash Troubleshooting Table.

A. No induction andthe indicator light cannot working.

1.Check whether thebattery is installed according to manual.Mmeasure whether the battery haselectricity.

2.Check whether the power switch is turned on. Check whether the powerswitch is in bad contact (replace the power switch)

3. Check whether the manual button (onthe left) is stuck or whether the switch is short circuited.

4.The power cord is disconnected


B. No induction butthe indicator light works normally.

1.Motor is damaged.

2.Motor drive circuit isdamaged(replace the circuit board).

3.Gearbox or crank isdamaged (replacement parts).


C.No induction and the lightwill light but cannot work normally

1.If the indicator light is flashing green signal, you need to press the cover button.If itstill cannot work, it means the cover button is damaged or the connection lineis disconnected.

2.Observe whether the circuit board has been immersed in water. Ifso,you need to use anhydrous alcohol to clean circuit boards.If it still cannotwork,you should replace the circuitboard.


D.After turning on the powerswitch, the lid will open automatically with nothing in front of it and the lidcannot close automatically.

1.There is somethingin front of the induction zone. You need to clean it up.

2.The inductionzone has been badly scratched. You need to change the PC chip.

3.The circuit board is damaged.You need to replace the circuit board.


E. The lid cannotplace in the right place.

1.Replace the battery.

2. Check whetherthe spring which can keep the balance of the lid is broken or lapsed. If so,change the spring.