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"Sensing a better life”——The induction pursuit of NST

15 years of the induction pursuit brings NST a leading position 

NST has dedicated in intelligent sensor trash for 15 years. 15 years of professional research, 15 years of persistence and 13 years of accumulation made NST win the international industry leadership position of sensor can.

The induction trash can of NST is currently the domestic advanced induction Trash can products. It has been in great demand in Europe and the United States. For instance, it has been in the leading position of the Wal-Mart sales for a long time in the US, and it is well received by customers in Europe and the United States. The advance is not only reflected in a variety of high-tech patented technology and the use of new materials, but also on the new embodiment of the concept of higher quality and environmental life.

The induction trash can is a combination of optical, mechanical and electronic integration of high-tech products. The product breaks through the thinking barrier of the traditional ways to open the cover which need to use hand or foot. It is the first time to apply the advanced technology such as microcomputer control, infrared sensor and mechatronics to the trash can, so that the trash can be electrified and automation. It completely solves the traditional perceptions of dirty, messy, smelly trash can. This allows users to stay away from the hidden dangers of bacterial infection, while the product design can be more fashionable and artistic. The precision manufacturing quality make the trash can be a decorative art, which can bring a better life.


81 High-Tech Patented Technology bring a new experience

The induction trash can of NST uses strong anti-interference patented technology, dynamic energy saving circuit patented technology, high-precision gear patented technology, buffer cover patented technology, descending mute cover patented technology, planetary gear patented technology, standby energy-saving mode patented technology, dynamic energy-saving circuit patented technology, anti-fingerprint technology, molding technology and some other technologies. The excellent technologies give users a all-round great experience from visual, feel, smell and hearing aspects. These technologies make NST in the industry leading level and full of advanced design concept. They also make it stand out from the many Chinese brand of The induction trash can and win international recognition and praise, which bring users a better life.


12 million sensor trash cans selling all over Europe and the United States

There is not only a strong research team in NST, but also fashionable product appearance designers. The induction trash can in designers’ eyes is more than a necessary space storage containers. It can be designed perfectly like other household products. It can be an artistic decoration of the space.

Nearly 12 million sensor trash cans in Europe and the United States are from NST. The successful past is a historical testimony, what NST will do next is to try its best to send the concept of convenience to everybody. Success has been proven, but the future we need to create with all of you.